Dark Raider

Dark Raider 1.6

Dungeons, monsters and adventure


  • Big levels
  • Many hours of gameplay


  • Controls sometimes stick


Dark Raider is a top-down action adventure game, where you play an outcast scientist searching a dangerous fantasy world for the key to immortality.

The story may be clichéd, but Dark Raider is an enjoyable title, and unusually long for the iPhone, which has tons of casual and lightweight games. The gameplay is a mixture of dual stick shooter, with on-screen controls, and adventures like The Legend of Zelda.

With a mix of puzzles, action and big levels to explore, there's a lot of game in Dark Raider. You can move your scientist around with a dual stick layout, or just one stick and tilt controls. It's responsive enough, although there will be a few times you get stuck to scenery.

The puzzles aren't too hard, but the start of Dark Raider may have players feeling a little lost. You can complete the levels in any order, but even though there are instructions in game, it feels a bit directionless.

Despite those criticisms, Dark Raider is still a fairly solid action adventure for the iPhone.

Dark Raider


Dark Raider 1.6

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